Have you had enough of not leading your life?

What's a life without poise, power and purpose?

Is this the life you deserve?

A life spent being the good girl, the nice girl, the people pleaser, the one who sacrifices herself for others.

A life where you deeply suffer from impostor syndrome, feeling like a fraud when you attempt to lead or express yourself in the world, always doubting your skills, talents and accomplishments despite external evidence of your competence. 

A life where you are not fully aware of your own needs, let alone being able to fulfill them.

A life where you haven't learnt to say no, a life where you just follow the norm, and never do anything to rock the boat!

A life spent dutifully accomplishing tasks, never stopping to recharge and smell the roses or fully enjoy the process. Feeling guilty when you take time for yourself and not giving yourself permission to play or to be visible.

A life where you are afraid to take risks, where you don't have the confidence to ask for what you want, where you lack structure and direction, and let others decide for you every time.

A life of self-sacrifice, self-sabotage and burnout, leaving you empty and too exhausted to get out and do something about it, and too shy to complain or to challenge anything.

A life where you feel isolated and disconnected, finding it hard to reach out for help or rely on your friends to have your back...

A life where you don't sing the song in your heart and take charge of your future.

Does it ring a bell?

Enough of that! Like the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella, I'm here to take you out of the kitchen and lead you into the ballroom, the boardroom and the bedroom.

We only have this one precious life. So why waste it?

Freedom, liberation, and so much fun await!
How does it feel like to be a true Queen?

When a woman connects to her inner majesty she is grounded and completely at ease within her own skin. 

She oozes calm and confidence. 

She is in alignment.

She lives a life according to her own standards.

She takes full responsibility for her words, thoughts and actions, and cares about her impact.

She is no longer at war with herself.

She stands fearlessly in her unique essence.

She realises we live in an interdependent world and has unconditional love for herself, others and the planet.

She does what makes her feel really vibrant and alive, and can be generous from a place of abundance.

She understands her own complexity and follows her journey to wholeness...the journey to the deep knowledge and ancestral wisdom stored in our cells.

Women like these are pioneers and as they walk that path, they clear the way for others to join so that together we rise

You may already be on that path or feel the desire to be. If you ever feel that something is missing, this is exactly why I created the "Lead Like A Queen Journey"!
Introducing "Lead Like a Queen"...

"Lead Like a Queen" is a transformational 10 week step-by-step journey for strong and warm-hearted women from all walks of life willing to connect with ancestral feminine wisdom and open to more joy, flow, grace and power in their personal lives, in their businesses and careers.

You will get to know who you are to live the Life you truly want. And from that powerful place, you will become an inspiration for the ones you love, amplify your influence and maximise your contribution.

Why is this Journey so unique?

This wonderful nurturing journey is highly interactive: we meet face to face as well as virtually and go through the whole transformation process together as an intimate group of women.

My work is based on many decades of study where I gathered a multitude of tools from eastern and western practices such as:

✔ Positive Psychology,
✔ Values in Action,

✔ Kundalini Yoga,
✔ Ayurveda,
✔ Aikido,

✔ Indigenous Rituals,
✔ Social Presencing Theatre,
✔ Tantra,

✔ Interplay,
✔ Mindfulness,
✔ Neuroscience,
✔ Laughter Wellness,
✔ CliftonStrengths,
✔ Emotional Freedom Technique,

✔ Contact Improvisation,  
✔ Theory U,
✔ Pranayama,
✔ Emotional Intelligence,
✔ Art Therapy,
✔ Meditation,

✔ Dancing Freedom,
✔ Acupressure,

✔ Slow Play,
✔ Qi Gong,
✔ Ecstatic Dance,
✔ Authentic Relating,

✔ Art of Hosting,
✔ Non Violent Communication,
✔ Deep Dialogue,

✔ 5Rhythms,
✔ And much more...

So, you can do like me and spend decades and vast amounts of money pursuing all that knowledge and wisdom, or you can choose to receive my own synthesis of the best tips, tricks, rituals and practices that I have integrated in the "Lead Like a Queen" 10 week Journey.
Join us!
Your throne awaits...
The program at a glance

How will this journey unfold?

Once you register many delights and surprises await...

This transformative course is a delicious blend of online and face to face gatherings, as well as learning material sent to you every week. EVERYTHING has been designed for your success!

You will be deeply cared for every step of the way...

To start with, I will introduce you to very powerful tools in all aspects of spirituality and ancient wisdom,  in a very practical way to easily implement them in your every day life.

Be ready to breathe more deeply than you ever have, shake, sigh, jump around, meditate, stretch, scream at the top of your lungs, shed layers, cry, laugh out loud, write, draw, move your hips, move your lips, and more.

All these experiences are designed to unlock the power and reveal the poise that you didn't know were within you the whole time!

Then, through group coaching sessions, deep conversations, and other practices, we'll anchor all the new learnings and aspects of ourselves that we've discovered. This will enable us to rewire and create the long-lasting changes that we want.

Let's learn together the secrets of living a more fulfilling life and unlock your capacity to be the leader you want to be.

Join us for this awesome adventure as I lead you through a bespoke process to reveal your Powerful Queen to practice Sacred Leadership.

Freedom is your destiny!

What does the journey look like in detail?

Lead Like a Queen is a transformational 10 week step-by-step journey that combines actionable techniques and practices. It is organised in 10 modules. Each module is a different set of teachings that will bring you closer to the truth of who you are and what you are here to do. We meet face-to-face on 3 Saturdays and live online on 7 Thursday evenings. Here are the dates to put in your diary:

Saturday 5 June

We kick off in style with a great face-to-face Opening Ceremony that invites all participants to meet each other in an enchanting space with exotic drinks and delicious nibbles. We start by looking at what we wish to leave at the door, and we begin uncovering your Values, Purpose and Intentions through powerful rituals. Get to know your own Inner Queen, meet the Fairy Godsister who will journey and practice with you for the next 10 weeks and get your Royal Manuscript: a precious roadmap with instructions for the fabulous adventure that awaits!

Thursday 10 June
6:30pm - 9pm
Welcome to the Virtual Castle! Today we’ll be looking at the jewels in your Treasure Trove: What is your Vision? What’s your Passion? What are your Strengths? What’s your Mission? What makes you different from other Queens and what do you have in common? This session will help you reveal yourself to yourself as you reveal it to others. 
You’ll find out what you are made of and what you stand for!

Thursday 17 June
This week is all about Mindfulness: discover how to develop the ability to remain calm and still in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, how to regulate your emotions and get out of the inefficient  "fight, flight, freeze, or please" reactions when you are triggered.
Learn how to filter your thoughts and how to match your words and actions with the Queen that you want to be in the world!

Thursday 24 June
Having established a foundation of Mindfulness, we explore Authenticity. This week you focus on the essence of who you are and how you are expressing it in the world
Using embodiment practices, you will learn how to find your personal compass to facilitate decision making, and stay true to who you are. 
Learn how to gracefully interact, make requests and establish strong boundaries.

Thursday 1 July
This week you’ll learn how to unleash your inner Courage to conquer your fears and take risks that bring you closer to achieving your dreams. You’ll also learn about my unique proven processes for resolving conflict and giving constructive feedback. Awaken the warrior within, and discover the fire of your personal power.

Saturday 10 July
We celebrate being halfway through our Journey! We will meet in person for an exciting day of crafting and visualisation
We will all create a Personal Vision Board. It's a powerful tool to help you anchor your vision in reality and manifest your dreams.

Thursday 15 July
This week is all about Resilience and Non-Attachment. This is a key session in these unpredictable times. 
Learn how to remain focused and motivated even when you don't get the outcomes you’ve been expecting.
The most important skill is not only to bounce back but ALSO to bounce forward.  
I will share unique techniques to deal with uncertainty and overcome setbacks.
We will develop your “self-care kit” to help you navigate the rollercoaster of life with confidence and poise.

Thursday 22 July
This week is all about Openness and Creativity
Learn how to dive into your imagination and expand your curiosity.
We will practice opening ourselves to new things, fresh ideas and unusual experiences. 
Make a habit of getting out of your comfort zone...because growth happens when we explore the edges.
You will find it easier to see strangers as friends and having a sense of home wherever you are. 
This is key to increase your impact in the world and see your Queendom expands.

Thursday 29 July
This week is about the MACRO vision: the ability to see the big picture and how you belong in an environment that is always impacting you as you impact it. 
During this session, we will underline the importance of interconnection and having each other's backs. 
I will take you through unique activities around trust building and share easy ways to improve your collaboration skills so that you can get better at being an essential part of the collective.

Saturday 7 August
This is it! You’ve done it! Congratulations!
It’s now Coronation Time. We'll enjoy a closing ceremony to own the changes that have occurred.
Now let's celebrate this milestone together with canapés, bubbles and a Royal Ball! 
The components of the journey:


At these key milestones we'll tap into the power of the collective:


In a very intimate venue in Sydney with exotic drinks and delicious nibbles, we'll start our journey going through a powerful ritual of letting go of what no longer serves and proclaiming who we are.

Again we come together in a safe space to share our vulnerability and face our fears so that we can declare what we want and find out how to get it.

This last gathering is a chance to acknowledge the transformation that has happened during the Journey.
Standing now in the truth and power of who we truly are, everything we do will be through operating from a Queen state.

To celebrate your radiance, we've organised a magnificent Royal Ball: let's frock up and enjoy our time together with music and bubbles!

During 7 weeks we will study 7 key concepts facilitating your transformation.

We'll all gather online in 7 interactive workshops where you will be sent into private virtual chambers to meet other women and practice with them.
You'll receive the learning material in advance to familiarise yourself with the content. 
Through a Group Coaching Session lead by Lina, we will learn, reflect and grow together.

There is real power in getting deep in a group.
When women come together, real magic and majesty happens.
We mirror each other, sparkle and shine together.

Being together catalyses and accelerates transformation!

Before each group coaching session, you will receive a video recorded specifically for your "Lead Like a Queen" Journey.
This video is a true masterclass that will address a specific theme you will need on your Journey.
Together, these 7 videos are a synthesis of all the methodologies that I, Lina, have explored far and wide about the topic of the week.
I have distilled all my learnings in my MACRO Leaders Methodology: a framework and set of embodiment practices that focuses on practicing mindfulness, cultivating authenticity, developing courage, enhancing resilience, and embracing openness, to have a sense of the bigger picture, navigate uncertainty and chaos and thrive in challenging situations.
 This set of videos is a powerful tool that you will keep for a lifetime. You can review them at your leisure as if a personal coach was whispering in your ear.

You will receive weekly in your mailbox a set of practical tools that you can use at home.

These tools are designed to help integrate the new concepts introduced every week.
I crafted this homeplay (not homework! ; )) myself based on numerous methodologies and practices. You will collect little gems like:

✔ useful breath techniques,
✔ strong affirmations,
✔ calming guided meditations,
✔ inspiring playlists,
✔ journaling prompts
✔ pair exercises
✔ powerful visualisations,
✔ fun games,
✔ and thoughtful rituals to transform your life

At the end of the 10 weeks you will have a complete set of tools. This will be like your personal treasure box that you can keep coming back to and use whenever you need them at different moments of your life!

When you take the time to quieten your mind and listen to your intuition and deep knowing, you find all the answers you have been looking for.

At the end of the journey, keep cultivating the Sisterhood through a dedicated and private online group.

You will find all the participants that have done the course with you, you will keep exchanging a wealth of knowledge, experiences and opportunities.

When you surround yourself with authentic and empowered women, miracles happen!
Yes, that looks great!
This is the journey I've been looking for...
Yes, that looks great!
This is the Journey I've been looking for...
What is my investment for the 10 weeks?

In these uncertain times it's important to facilitate access to strong and warm-hearted women from all walks of life.

To make this program available to everyone, there is the option of a
unique payment plan as an introductory offer:

 - A deposit of $175 to secure your spot when you book
- The remaining 8 payments can be made
at your own pace over the following weeks (or months ; )).

If you would like to discuss other payment plans that are more comfortable for you, or sponsor another woman, please email me at Lina@macroleaders.com.au

A percentage of your contribution will support the
 Warrior Women FoundationA project close to my heart empowering young, vulnerable women to become strong, independent and capable of taking their place in the world.

I'm so ready for this!
I can't wait to start!
A Royal Gift for Early Birds...


(Valued at $750). 
The Lead Like A Queen journey is designed for 12 women working collectively and learning together. However, I know that sometimes, we need extra care, and more one-on-one attention to reveal ourselves.

How hard have you found it to let go of your self limiting beliefs, find your purpose, and the energy to make the changes that matters?
To be there for you when you need it the most, I've created the "COMPASS", 2 personal coaching sessions to bookend your journey.

This option - that I've purposefully designed for powerful decision makers - will produce extraordinary results!

You'd highly benefit from this session at the beginning of your journey: identify and let go of what’s holding you back and liberate yourself to find more time, more enjoyment and have more impact.

After setting your vision, we will check together the progress you've made, and if needed course correct.  I'll help you identify the stumbling blocks and remove the obstacles on your path to liberate your capacity to make your dreams come true...
I want to receive this gift!
I would like my special bonus coaching offer and pay upfront
What other women say about the Journey...
"Together we are unstoppable!"
Natalie Ristoski

"Lina’s Lead like a Queen program took me on a reflective and inquisitive journey whereby I had the opportunity to discover and embrace the qualities that most align with me as a woman. I left feeling empowered, supported and ready to take my feminine leadership to the next level! Thank you Lina for sharing your wisdom and tools so graciously."
Lucy Verde Roze

"Lina's Lead Like a Queen workshop was so incredibly powerful. It helped me embody the qualities I admire so much in the Queens I look up to such as Maya Angelou and Mary Magdalene. She helped us really see that what we recognise in others is what we hold within ourselves. The bravery, kindness, compassion, empathy, and gentle power of these women I love I can cultivate and embody myself as Queen of my Universe I am creating. Thank you so much for this transformational experience, Lina. It really shifted  worlds for me."
Samantha Tune

"I came to Lead Like A Queen event by Rising Feminine Co and I was honoured to share space with such powerful woman. Lina was our amazing speaker for the evening and it was magical. As part of the exercises we had to think of someone who is our inspiration and think of the quality they held. It’s was a powerful exercise as I got to see what leadership I valued in others. Also to remind me that’s what I see in others must exist inside of me. Lina also reminded me about our physiology and how important it is to hold our body with power and grace. I left the event on a high, my heart so open. I felt inspired and supported from all the woman who brought there energy and shared. I am so excited to now be connected to Lina and all the woman from the event. Together we are unstoppable"
Raquel Andres Garcia

"Beautiful Lina, your energy and charisma were definitely contagious . You truly connected with everyone and made it fun and engaging to follow.  The exercises brought up in most of us a lot of awareness of who we really are. I want to personally thank you for being so sweet and motivating and hopefully we see each other very soon"
Would you like to join the next journey? We have unrolled the red carpet and are already cheering for you! 
Wow, that looks great!
I want to be part of this!
Who am I?

Hi, my name is Lina. I'm the founder of
MACRO Leaders and the creator of the Lead Like a Queen Journey.

I’m an accomplished Coach and Facilitator and it's my pleasure to personally welcome you, empower you and support you every step of the way.

My work has spanned government, industry, NGOs, startups and universities. I’ve worked with a variety of clients from PwC, the NRMA, Fairfax, Sydney University, AMP Capital, Navitas, JC Decaux, to Pernod Ricard, etc, and they describe me as helping them see through walls.

I’m also a Convenor of the Sydney Facilitators Network and the Facilitator in Residence at Conscious Capitalism Australia and New Zealand.

What I love the most about my work is creating for my clients spaces of deep transformation where magic happen.

As a consultant and coach, I support inspirational leaders, high-stake teams and purpose-driven community groups to use embodiment practices to navigate complexity, chaos, and uncertainty.

No matter where they come from, my clients are usually women who need
growth, direction as well as a change of mindset.

What are my qualifications?

✔ Art of Hosting Accredited Facilitator
✔ Master of Business Administration
✔ Human Centered Design Practitioner
✔ Master of Commerce.
✔ Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Coach
✔ Certified Laughter Wellness Instructor
✔ Graduate Diploma in IT
✔ Certificate IV in training and development
✔ Graduate Impro Australia
✔ Theory U Systems Thinking practitioner and coach
✔ Graduate in Power of Performance. Actors Center Australia

My own journey to create "Lead like a Queen"...

25 years ago I started my own Journey in the corporate world working for Cisco Systems and Volkswagen. I was ticking all the boxes but I didn’t feel fulfilled. For a long time, I stayed trapped in the 9 to 5 golden prisons with archaic systems trapping women in suffocating little boxes.

I knew that there was something more, but I couldn’t find a path, so I had to carve my own. 

Being the voracious learner that I am, I went far and wide looking for tools from a variety of sources, from 5 Rhythms Dance and Authentic Relating to Theatre Improvisation, Family Constellations and Psychodrama, from Aikido and Tantric practices to Laughter Yoga.

I attended countless women circles, shamanic rituals, festivals, Burning Man events, the most cutting-edge conferences, workshops and conscious gatherings all around the world, and accumulated unique tools and techniques that shaped my journey of self-discovery.

I worked with many life coaches and mind-body teachers from various lineages, and ended up becoming a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Laughter Wellness Instructor myself. 

The synthesis of all these decades of deep learnings and techniques have culminated in my MACRO Leaders consultancy. A leadership development practice that helps managers navigate uncertainty, complexity and chaos.

Lead Like a Queen is a natural extension of my consultancy practice because in the current environment, women need practical, proven, and persuasive methods to lean into their feminine and step into their power.

Using processes of deep inquiry, integral psychology, the wisdom of eastern philosophies, the latest techniques to foster innovation and creativity, collaboration and strategic visioning, I help inspirational women from all walks of life consciously create the difference they most want to make in the world.
What is my purpose, mission and values?

I believe the power of women coming together is so great that it will change the world. 
My purpose is to embody the love I want to see. 
My mission is to raise consciousness and empower as many women as I can to rise, collaborate instead of compete with each other, and become more mindful of our impact on others and the planet.

What are my core values?

Freedom, Connection, Growth, Playfulness, Joy, Wellbeing, and Contribution.
These are the 7 jewels you’ll find in me to help you on your path.

I can't wait for all of us to go through the crucible of transformation and find our own gold!

It's time to reclaim your power and put your own crown on! 

I want to work with you
I'm securing my spot now
What's on the other side?

When women join together, magic and miracles happen. When women feel seen and heard, they light up and connect truly to their gifts, they feel empowered to make a difference. 
We are by nature nurturers and connectors. Being together activates and catalyses change.

After 10 weeks using the step by step tools and practices I've developed for you in the Lead Like A Queen Journey:

✔ You'll meet other strong and warm-hearted women on their own path to become queens and be inspired by their growth and development

✔  You will experience true connection, intimacy and vulnerability and develop more meaningful and authentic sisterhood in your life.

✔  You will have greater impact and maximise your contribution to friends, families, communities and the world.

✔  You will learn to avoid the 7 major mistakes that get in the way of you becoming an effective leader.

✔  You will discover the secret of stepping into your feminine leadership and how to truly engage others.

✔  You will inspire others to collaborate with less effort and more grace by implementing

 the 5 pillars of MACRO Leaders.
✔  You will overcome the 5 fears that stop most women from getting started.

✔  You will identify your needs, values, strengths, and desires so you know who you are and what you stand for.

✔  You will fight procrastination,  develop morning practices, and take action to start your day with the best mindset.

✔  You will learn to find you place in the world by implementing the keys of Sacred Leadership.

✔  You will develop the courage, desire and mindset to overcome rollercoasters, storms and cyclones.

Together we rise. Together we change the world.

Whatever the reason that brought you to this page, now is the time... it's YOUR time.
This is for me...
I see how this will help me achieve my secret dreams
Frequently Asked Questions
Will we be meeting Online or Face to Face?

Both! This journey is a combination of weekly online or face-to-face gatherings as well as optional home practices, readings and coaching.
We will be meeting online on 7 Thursday evenings and face to face on 3 Saturday afternoons.

You will get both the convenience of being in the comfort of your own home to participate in highly interactive workshops and group coaching sessions as well as the pleasure of gathering in person for powerful ceremonies and rituals.
You will also be invited to meet online or offline to practice with a Fairy Godsister who will be your accountability buddy throughout the whole 10 week journey and beyond. 

What are the Course dates?

Saturday 5 June 3:30pm - 7pm: Meet Your Inner Queen. Face-to-Face Gathering
Thursday 10 June 6:30pm - 9pm: Choose Your Crown Jewels. Online Group Coaching
Thursday 17 June 6:30pm - 9pm: Lead With Grace.
Online Group Coaching
Thursday 24 June 6:30pm - 9pm: Authority with Authenticity. Online Group Coaching
Thursday 1 July 6:30pm - 9pm: Courage.
Online Group Coaching
Saturday 10 July 3:30pm - 7pm: Turn Your Vision Into Reality. Face-to-Face Gathering
Thursday 15 July 6:30pm - 9pm: The Resilient Ruler. Online Group Coaching
Thursday 22 July 6:30pm - 9pm: Conquer New Territories. Online Group Coaching
Thursday 29 July 6:30pm - 9pm: Collaborate With Majesty. Online Group Coaching
Saturday 7 August 3:30pm - 9pm: Celebrate Your Radiance. Face-to-Face Gathering

Got more questions? 

Contact Lina directly at Lina@macroleaders.com.au
Why should I take this journey now and not later?

You might be telling yourself:

- I will take care of myself and invest in the Journey when I’m stronger
- I will take care of myself and invest in the Journey when I have more time for myself
- I will take care of myself and invest in the Journey when I have more money

Believing that you have to wait for all those conditions to be perfect are excuses that you create to tell yourself that you are still not ready to step into your power.

This is what I’ve learned about being “ready”, just in case you can relate:

I also used to wait for external circumstances to align to be ready.
But in reality, the perfect moment or "being ready" doesn’t happen by itself.
It’s only when I moved into action and allowed myself to take the first step that everything I desired started manifesting.
Sitting there procrastinating and waiting for the perfect moment didn’t make me stronger, or carve more time for myself, or put more money in my bank account.
It’s when I began the process that all of those things fell into place and I started moving forward.

There is only one thing standing between you and your Queen and ONLY YOU can do something about it by taking action now.
It might be a hard step but it is also the most important one.
Don’t wait for a hypothetical "I’ll be ready when…" moment, push the door and join us on the other side !

So, for the last time...

Processing Registration...